Ancient Spanish Monastery

16711 West Dixie Highway  North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Ancient Spanish Monastery from Ailyn Naranjo on Vimeo.

Rev. Gregory Mansfield from the Ancient Spanish Monastery, also St. Bernard of Clariveaux Episcopal Church.

This fragment is taken from an interview that I made to Rev. Mansfield in April 3rd. He explains in details the history, development and construction of the monastery and how it ended being an Episcopal Church.


2 thoughts on “Ancient Spanish Monastery

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  2. Jeronimo

    Miami is a city that has a lot of historical places that we do not know about. This Ancient Spanish Monastery is a beautiful place that calls the attention of many, including those in TV Production. As we know, there are some TV shows that are currently being film in South Florida; Burn Notice filmed in the monastery.
    I visited the monastery two weeks ago and left impressed of how the architecture is. The doors and rocks of the walls tell a lot about how and when the monastery was built.

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